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What is Life By Design?

Life By Design is a 10-month interactive Strong Body Whole Heart experience that teaches tangible, straightforward strategies to help you achieve the most authentic version of yourself and your aspirations. With a combination of group and one-on-one coaching, community, and inspired action, you will be supported, taught, challenged, and held accountable for creating the life you most desire.

Each month includes a live group teaching call as well as weekly practices, meditations and supporting materials that can be accessed in our private member-only site. In addition, every call is recorded and you will have lifetime access to all materials. In addition, you will receive 1 one-hour private coaching session during the program.

Our group calls are all about centering, teaching and then moving your new knowledge from your head to your heart. They are a way of creating accountability, receiving support, celebrating wins and finding connection with like-minded souls. Our calls provide you the personal connection you need to ensure you are taking action and getting the most out of your investment in Life By Design.

The weekly intentional practices were designed to help you integrate our Tools for Living into your everyday life. They help you uncover the stories in your life that keep you stuck and spur you to take action on your dreams. We support you in these practices with full email support.

In addition, you are part of the Life By Design community for life. You are welcome join Life By Design free any time it is offered. We do this because we truly believe that this work is never done, and we want to fully support you in always staying present with your true authentic self.

Life by Design is for you if…

  • you are ready to finally have power over the negative self-talk that rolls constantly through your mind
  • you are tired of being on the daily treadmill of life – that feeling that you are always doing things but never getting anywhere
  • you are done with the feelings of not good enough
  • you feel like you know what you want but haven’t been able to achieve it
  • you are looking around and wondering is this it?
  • you are tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over
  • you are ready to try something new
  • you want to be connected to a community that just gets you
  • you are ready to have a life you are excited about living

What does Life By Design cover?

Life by Design is an all-encompassing experience to help you dig into who you really are and what you truly desire. Each month we will focus on a different part of how to life life by design. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • vision
  • sticky stories
  • fear
  • personal responsibility
  • self-love
  • excuses
  • forgiveness
  • worthiness


Wondering what our alumni have to say about Life by Design?


life by design testimonialLife By Design has helped bring out the real me. The internal process has really helped me uncover things about myself that were holding me back. The calls are very inspiring and eye opening. I love the group dynamic and hearing different perspectives and ideas. The Facebook page is an added bonus, to be able to share our thoughts, questions and wins with each other. ~Heather 


judeneParticipating in Life By Design was a very rewarding and enlightening experience for me.  Each call introduced me to a brand new way of looking at the situations in my life and also equipped me with useful strategies and tools I could not only use for that particular week but throughout the rest of my life.  Maggie and Kelly are inspiring teachers with remarkable insight!  They make everyone on the live calls feel comfortable talking and sharing with no fear of judgement, and the feedback they provided me each week on the worksheets I submitted was encouraging, empowering, and full of supportive enthusiasm.  With Maggie and Kelly’s gentle guidance, I have attained a much needed sense of clarity and confidence about the direction and path I was meant to be on in life. ~Judene




Kelly and Maggie ask the deep challenging questions, but always with kindness and compassion. Their support and guidance through this program is invaluable. ~ Mary 


reneeLife By Design handed me my permission slip to create a weekly space for exploring my personal vision of how I want my life to be. Kelly and Maggie guided me with engaging conversation, meaningful exercises and empowering tools to transition my vision from my head and heart, into my daily life. The Life By Design group was a safe and inspiring setting to really dig into my personal aspirations and I found the other participants to be both inspiring and supportive. It provided me the combo platter of “TLC and Kick-in-the Pants” that I needed to break free of the self defeating excuses and self-sabotage that would often hijack my happiness and determination. Much like a set of blueprints and a schedule helps a builder with her project, LBD helps to make a personal plan to set an exciting idea or aspiration into motion. My sincere enthusiasm for the program and the support generously shared by Kelly and Maggie cannot be overstated.  I am so very grateful for the tools and strategies I have incorporated into my life as I continue to strive in a positive direction propelled by the momentum that Life By Design initiated. ~Renee


dianaLife by Design has been one of the most amazing things I’ve done for myself this year. It’s given me the support and non-judgmental forum to share my challenges and successes,  and I’ve finally been able to achieve goals I’ve been struggling to tackle for several years. It’s been the jump-start I needed, the people I’ve met are incredible and I can’t wait to continue this journey with them as LBD alumnae. ~ Diana


What’s the investment? 

Life By Design is $125 monthly or $1000 paid in full. Click here if you prefer to pay in full.

When does Life By Design begin and how do I register?

Our next session of Life By Design begins February 13, 2017. To register click purchase below. If you have any questions, please email us at and we would be happy to connect with you.

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