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What would it sound like to finally let go of the endless loop of  “I’m not good enough?”

What would it look like to live your life according to your dreams?

What would it feel like to know that you are worthy?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, it’s time for a reboot. It’s time to let go of your not good enough and restart your self-love. (You know, that thing you do for yourself even though you are not perfect…)

Maybe you’ve been beating yourself up with the voice in your head for so long you can’t even remember what it feels like to love yourself…especially the parts of you that you want to hide.

Maybe you are tired of always feeling like you have to prove that you are good enough to everybody else, including yourself.

Maybe you are tired of feeling frozen even though you think you know what you should be doing.

If this is you, than I have something for you.

The Worthy Reboot is a life-changing online program created to help you finally let go of “not good enough,” restart your self-love and begin to see life, your life, as something that can be filled with joy, inspiration and worthiness.


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The Worthy Reboot has 4 modules that help you discover the worthiness that is already within you and start living from a place of empowerment, deserving and “yes, I can.”

Each module contains:

  • a video that will teach you the concepts of worthiness and self-love and inspire you to take action and step into your own worthiness
  • a guided meditation to help you get still and access your inner wisdom
  • Worthy Reboot practices that will help you bust through your old default ways of thinking and develop your own practice of everyday worthiness
  • Journal prompts to get you started on your own path of self-love and discovery
  • a mp3 version of the teaching video for listening

Bonus! I have also included a Journaling 101 video to help you discover how to best use this powerful worthiness tool in your own style!

The Worthy Reboot is accessed on a private online dashboard and completed at your own pace. Once you purchase your Reboot you have lifetime access to all Worthy Reboot materials, including guided meditations.

Are you ready to reboot?

Get started today for only $99!

If you want an even deeper dive into developing your worthy practice, upgrade your Worthy Reboot with a one-on-one coaching call with your worthy coach, Kelly Covert. This is a great way to create accountability and support as you go through the steps of The Worthy Reboot. Click here to upgrade.


The Worthy Reboot